img_0440Hi, I’m Hannah, founder of http://www.care4them.com. I created the website in 2016 as I started my journey towards being a wife. The website was set up so I could start blogging (and maybe even vlogging) about the life I strive for – caring for people and myself.

So, a little about me? Well, I have always had a desire to help others. Even at school I was the student that the teachers would choose to look after newcomers. To me caring for people is such a natural thing. The jobs I have chosen have always been serving, looking after or helping people. When I was 20 I started a Youth and Community degree and found that I had a knack for creating spaces that Young People feel comfortable and safe in. It is my delight to put on events and activities for them, why? because I care for them.

Over the years though, I have learnt that sometimes the feeling of wanting to help others has made me neglect the need to look after myself. Things like my health, well-being and mood all are affected by the imbalance. It is not just me that suffers, due to the fact that when I am unable to look after myself then I am no longer able to look after the people I care for. So the ‘care4myselfblog’ will explore the personal care and development that it is important to keep on top of, and the ‘care4themblog’ will look at caring for Youth, my Community, my Friends & my Family. I hope you enjoy my blogs 🙂

Much Love,
Hannah xx

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