4 tips to Help you Sleep!

Last night I had a terrible nights sleep. I was exhausted but could not drift off. So many thoughts were going through my head. The more I couldn’t sleep the more I got annoyed, the more I got annoyed the more I couldn’t sleep.

I’ve looked at different methods of helping you get a goods night sleep; chamomile tea, hot bath, reading instead of television before bed, having a good bedtime routine. I have recently got into the habit of listening to debates or documentaries in the background to help me nod off, but I am soon awake again!

How much Sleep do we need?

Sleep is so important and I have always needed a lot of it. My husband can sleep very little and still is able to function – if I am not getting enough sleep then the world knows about it!

There is a lot of information out there prescribing how much sleep we SHOULD be getting, but actually, some people need more than others.

The important thing is we need to be able to function. If 4 hours is enough for you then that’s great, but if you are like me you wouldn’t be able to string a sentence together on 4 hours!!

What happens when we don’t get enough sleep?

Lack of sleep can cause some very inconvenient side effects. It triggers the release of cortisol (a stress hormone) which causes blood sugar to rise and therefore increases the cravings for chocolate and many other “bad” foods.

Lack of sleep also decreases your ability to remember, weakens your immune system, and it also makes you very irritable! (as many of the people around me can testify).

So what is important for a Good Night’s Sleep?

When I joined Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic as an Independent Consultant I quickly fell in love with the Beauty Sleep range, and through the free training I receive I have been learning about the amazing aromatherapy benefits found in Essential oils which can aid sleep.

  1. The right temperature:  Choosing to have hot bath before bedtime helps you to relax. beautysleep-bathmilkChoosing to have a hot bath which contains a good blend of essential oils is an added bonus. The New Beauty Sleep Gift Set includes a bath milk filled with beautiful essential oils. So, why a hot bath?! The temperature change from our hot bath to our cool bed has been scientifically proven to promote drowsiness and can help you drift off. This is also why a warm drink can often help, the cooling process of the body after a hot drink can cause drowsiness. Make sure you avoid caffeinated drinks, there are some great herbal teas blended specifically for night-time. NEW Organic Night Time Tea or NEW Organic Calming Tea are a great choice.

2. Looking after your Inner Health: It’s great to remind ourselves that in all of these beauty topics, Inner Health is vitally important. Using supplements to ensure our bodies are supplied with all the nutrients it needs is essential, and not eating sugary foods before bed is a great start. The Beauty Sleep Supplement is great for supporting skin’s natural night time regeneration, with smoothing, ultra-moisturising hyaluronic acid, lemon balm and B vitamins for a restful night’s sleep.

3. Aromatherapy: It amazes me how our bodies respond to aromatherapy. I knew lavender-oil-care4themabout the benefits of Lavender Essential Oil, as it is a staple product in our household, but Neal’s Yard Remedies have created special night time blends which contain a beautiful balance of calming essential oils which aid sleep and ensure a good nights rest. Essential oils can HealCleanseRelaxBalanceEnergise and so much more. The trick is finding which ones you like and then using them when you need it. Sometimes our bodies will be drawn to the essential oils that our bodies need. As mentioned above, Lavender isn’t the only essential oil which is good for bedtime, which is great if you can’t stand the smell. Using Diffusers to disperse the oils into the air is a great way of feeding your body with the benefits of aromatherapy, and using a Blend of oils is ideal.

And finally…. 4.Look after yourself: Products are great but being disciplined and making time to exercise during the day and to relax before bed is very important.

I’d love to hear from you – What is your bedtime routine like? What would you love to be able to change?

Speak soon,

Hannah xx


Made with love

Our Ylang Ylang Essential oil, known for its sweet, exotic and relaxing fragrance, is distilled from delicate flowers hand-picked for us in Madagascar. We pay a fair price, plus an additional premium for community projects, for this beautifully calming essential oil.  Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic 

This 2016 Gift box is a great treat for anyone who is struggling to sleep.

This Gift Box is a beautiful way to help you create the bedtime routine which will enhance your relaxation and ensure you have a good nights sleep.

*This post contains affiliate links. Thank you in advance if you decide to use one of my links to make your purchase. I appreciate your support.


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