Goodbye January, Hello February!


Happy New Month Everyone!

Last month I received some lovely messages from people all around the world wishing me a “Happy New Year” and today my Facebook feed is full of beautiful pictures welcoming the new month! I had never celebrated the beginning of the month before, but I really like the sound of it. Today is the first day, of the second month, that is something to celebrate.

So why is it good to celebrate a new month?

  • Each month is seasonally different. We can miss the beauty of that if we suddenly realise that it’s summer and we missed spring.
  • Each month in spring has a new flower/plant that will begin to blossom.
  • Each month towards summer has a different average temperature. The nights get lighter, the birds get busier and there are more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

My main reason to celebrate the new month is that it opens up the opportunities to take the time to re-focus my goals that I made at the beginning of the year. So today I will be giving some tips on how to refocus goals at the beginning of the month. Reflecting on what has worked, what hasn’t worked is a great practice. We do it all the time in our work-life, but now with each new month, I am going to re-focus and plan to enjoy the month for what it can give me! We have exactly 4 weeks to make a difference this month!

So here are my tips for re-focusing at the beginning of the month:

  1. Remember long-term goal
  2. Reflect on past achievements
  3. Plan to do better
  4. Reflect on where my short-term goal will take me

Let’s see what it looks like in practice using one of my 2017 personal goals…


  1. Remember long-term goal – To de-clutter my house, mind and schedule (info here)
  2. Reflect on past achievements – I have tackled three weeks of assignments and made improvements to our hallway and organised our post/mail.
  3. Plan to do better – I need to allocate specific days to ensure tasks get done on time. Try to do 2 tasks a week instead of 1.
  4. Reflect on where my short-term goal will take me – If I continue the challenge doing 2 tasks a week (8 in the month of February) then I will have completed 12 tasks towards clutter-free home, mind and schedule. I will only have 19 more assignments to do by the time our baby is born!


Tip no.4 makes me feel so motivated!

Now I am motivated to do better, today, I will spend some time looking through my diary. I will see what I already have planned and will be adding the activities needed to help me achieve my goals. This month will be a very focused one, this all needs doing before our beautiful baby arrives!

So, I am wishing you a very happy new month. Go forth and do some amazing things this February!

Much love,

Hannah xx

*A huge thank you to the wonderful Izzy&Pop for the beautiful bespoke Scripts for our blog this month! Check them out here!


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