#LSWLClutterFree -Week two- Sorting Post/Mail


I’m a little late posting this update, mainly due to the fact that this was a VERY big task for me! Who knew that you could accumulate so much post – bank statements from 2013, expired money off vouchers, catalogues, and lots of junk!

This task has been a big one, but it has been so beneficial for me. I now feel a lot more organised. It is definitely going to be good to keep on top of things, especially with the huge traffic of post we receive each day. Even today I have received another 3 letters and some junk!

So, let’s get to it…

Day 3: Mail

Using Ruth Soukup’s book, ’31 days to a clutter-free life”, I am journeying through to have a more organised and clutter free home, mind, and schedule. For Day 3, Ruth gives some great advice on where to start in sorting mail and how to keep on top of things. Her instructions are very welcomed, I feel like I am drowning in a sea of paper that has been posted through our letterbox!


Where to start?

So, where did I start?! Well, first I had to gather all the post that had been littered around the house… in draws, on worktops, in cupboards… in ALL the wrong places!

Then to sort into two piles…

Keep and Recycle!


With four of us in the house, we all have our unique ways of sorting (or not sorting) our post. This has meant that the task has taken a lot longer than one day.


So far I have:

  • Allocated a mail day,
  • Sorted out a post collecting station,
  • Placed a bin for junk mail near the front door,
  • Caught up on bills that needed paying,
  • Started a filing system, with new ring binders, to house post that needs to be kept.

Every day, (including Sunday) post or flyers/leaflets keeps flying through the mail box. I am finding it hard saving it until ‘mail day’, and also, the backlog of un-sorted post is still not finished, so I am still not 100% satisfied with my end results. It doesn’t feel that I have fully completed this task yet.

I have come far though and it is definitely a step closer to being clutter free. I will keep you posted on the ‘post’ issues and will move onto the next task this week.

Much love,






4 thoughts on “#LSWLClutterFree -Week two- Sorting Post/Mail

  1. My parents are total hoarders/clutterbugs and I always HATED that. I vowed to never live like that ever. I’m a bit of a neat freak and if I feel just a hint of clutter around me, I go on a cleaning spree!! This was really helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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