Starting a Charity – Choosing the Name


Starting a Charity – Choosing the name

When starting your charity, choosing a name can be tricky. We live in a world where everyone is constantly displaying their individuality. With a charity, we need to be approachable and be inclusive, but at the same time, we need to stand out from the crowd.

Choose a unique, memorable name that people will remember when they are deciding to make a donation or looking to volunteer.

After looking around for some guidance on how to choose a good name for a charity I stumbled upon these two very good resources:


Don’t underestimate how important uniqueness is. Not only do you not want to confuse people but you want to be able to market and brand your charity well.

Within the process of choosing your name for your charity, using google is vital. The worst thing that could happen is that you finally settle on a name that you like, only to find out that it is already being used by another charity.


Going a step further from that, searching for a domain name is vital. Finding out that the domain name that you want is unavailable has serious consequences. Check domain availability through any provider –

I remember when I was younger, the wrestling that is now called WWE was called WWF. It all changed in 1994 when the World Wide Fund for Nature battled with them for the rights and ownership of WWF. Read more about it here

Why was it important? Because it was part of their branding and their marketing. Every charity needs to be unique!

After choosing your name, checking the uniqueness and the availability of the domain name, it’s now time to buy the domain before it gets taken. Before purchasing the domain it is worth looking around to see which Web hosting company is best for you…. this will be part of my next blog.

So until then…

Have fun,

Hannah x


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