#LWSLClutterFree – My first week


Welcome to my journey to a Clutter Free Life! Over the next 31 days (and more), I will be tackling all that STUFF that is weighing me down and will be finally getting organised… or re-organised!


Last year I was introduced to Ruth Soukup’s Living Well, Spending Less blog, and her 31-day challenges immediately caught my eye.

Day One – Ground Rules

I purchased this book back in 2016, I attempted a few of the challenges back then but never completed the book. Re-reading the ground rules made me reflect on how much I can give to the challenges. As I suspected last week, I can now confirm that I will not be able to complete the book in 31 days, I will keep going though for as long as it takes!!

After being diagnosed with SPD last week I know that I am meant to be taking it easy. Luckily, I documented the first few challenges that I attempted back in 2016. So I will start the #LWSLClutterFree challenge with my previous attempts, as I’ve been unable to do as much of the challenge as I wanted to.


Day 2 – Entryway

#LWSLClutterFree is a great opportunity to re-examine spaces we take for granted. So, onto the first challenge – Organising and De-cluttering the Entrance Hall of your home.

For a long time, I have felt that our hallway was not very big – however after a few purchases and a lot of re-organising it feels a lot bigger.

New purchases – not always necessary but well worth it!

After reflecting on the space, I decided that our shoe storage was, as always, a very big issue. So I decided to purchase new items. We usually use a unit by the door to store our shoes. hallway

The old unit was very practical, it had three draws which held a variety of shoes. However, the colour of the unit had always bothered me.

I had seen previously that Ikea did a range of hallway units for shoes, AND that they matched the colour of our front door. I decided that a trip to Ikea was needed, but it went even better than I had imagined.

Not only did I find a nice shoe storage bench in a matching colour to our front door..

… It miraculously fitted perfectly in the alcove next to the door.

I was then able to remove some of the coats and place it underneath. I was also able to use the draws from the old unit to keep the shoes out of sight and organised. I even found another basket in the house to use to store hats and gloves, all complimenting it very nicely.

Also after scrolling through Pinterest for ideas, I found a trick to tidy away scarves, using a coathanger!c2uzpb6uaaa9vvc-jpg-large

Just before leaving Ikea, I popped into their bargain aisle and found a storage unit in the same colour as the door.

I purchased the unit for a bargain price and I love the clean feel it gives the hallway now. I also rearranged the door mats and re-homed the letter tray.

A great tip I got from the book was to have a basket or bin near the letter tray to place unwanted post items in straight away. I forgot to take a picture of that but it is extremely handy for all the junk mail that seems to get accumulated in the house.



I really enjoyed this task. I have always enjoyed re-arranging furniture but this challenge felt like it had much more purpose to it.

I will continue to check in Sunday evening to give a brief update on my progress, even if it is slow. Why don’t you join me in the Living Well, Spending Less 31 Days to a Clutter-Free Life challenge?

Are you in? Let me know in the comments below or use the hashtag #LWSLClutterFree on Twitter and Facebook.

Much love,

Hannah xx


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