Part 2 – To find out to not to find out…

I have really enjoyed debating the pros and cons of finding out. The scan went really well. The past few days we have spent very happily, knowing that for our child is growing healthily and everything is developing with great strength.

However, it was a little odd in that dark little room. From the moment the sonographer started to show our baby I began to refer to them as he… “Melvin look at his head… his heart is so strong!”

I felt a little silly as it hadn’t been revealed to us yet. I kept apologising, but as the scan went on my Freudian slip kept reoccurring!

“He looks so cute and handsome in there!”

And then the moment when she asked, “So, would you like to know?!”

… “Yes, I think we would” we replied



A mother’s instinct isn’t always right, but I’m SO pleased to say that this mother-to-be hit the nail on the head!

We were looking at our firstborn Son!


So with that bombshell, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year! This year is a very exciting one for us, we will be setting up our charity and becoming parents for the first time! Whatever plans you have for this year, we pray that you will have moments that you can create precious memories with the people you love.

As you know,  we believe that it is very important to ‘Care4them’ – in little and big ways! So today, as we celebrate the New Year with the reminder of fresh starts and new beginnings, we encourage you to go boldly into 2017. We’d love to join you in your journeys so please keep in touch!

Much love,

Hannah x





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