People vs Things – Letting go


Over the past few months I have been reminded of the fact that the people around us are more precious than the things around us. When Mum got ill I dropped everything to care for her. It made me put into perspective the competition we have in our daily lives between People and Things!

I have learnt that People are meant to be loves, things are meant to be used. In this world it can often be the other way round.


There are some ‘things’ that I have owned that I felt that I loved. One of these was a beautiful white Audi A3. I loved the way it looked, and the way I looked when I drove it!!!


However after looking at our finances, I saw that this ‘thing’ was not helping us each month and it was time to let go. I also have recently been using eBay to sell some things that have been in my cupboards and wardrobe for way too long.

So why do we do this? Why do we gather so many material things? Is it because we want to look/feel good or is it deeper than that?

I was listening to Radio 2 the other day and they were talking about stocking up ready for winter or for any unforeseen circumstances in which you will need food but may not be able to access it. It got me thinking… So many of us have enough supplies in our house to feed an army, and as a country we must have so much food waste. Why are our cupboard so full?

Also our wardrobes are filled with so many different combinations of outfits – summer, winter, indoor clothing, outdoor clothing. Some of which we only wear once because there is such a to-do about being seen in the same outfit more than once!

This kind of thinking can lead people into debt,  or into a sense of entrapment and also into a state of fear. Letting go of things is empowering, but it is really difficult too. Selling my audi, getting rid of clothes I won’t wear again and trying to stop filling the cupboard – questions like “Are you SURE you are not going to wear that again?” or “Why can’t I find something I WANT to eat in the house?”

Many of our questions come from feeling that we need to have things and not from remembering that things are that… just things! People are meant to loved, things are meant to be used, and are not meant to be a source of our concerns.

There is a beautiful Scripture in the Bible which encourages us to look at the birds of the air and the lillies of the fields – neither of them worry about food or how whether they have enough clothes. (Matt 6:25-34) I want to be more like that… Care free, not worrying about my clothes and constantly buying more and more food.

It may be a long journey but de-cluttering and selling a few extra things will help be on my journey… any other tips out there?




2 thoughts on “People vs Things – Letting go

  1. Having recently moved out of our three bed house to travel, I’ve gotten pretty ruthless when it comes to things. I still have some bits stored with my parents – memory things like the cardigan my grandma knitted for me, the first gift my husband gave to me (a smiley face keyring), some objects to remind us of people and places, but ultimately we have very few objects left. It stated off as a really difficult process, parting with so much, so many things made up our life in our home, but we now know how little we actually need. My life has been reduced to a 34L rucksack, my husband had 40L. And we are happy.

    I read up on a lot of ways to declutter, and for the past couple of years or so I have worked with the backward hanger wardrobe. The idea is that you turn all your hangers round on say January 1st, and whenever you wear something, you put it back with the hanger the correct way. Once you get to another nominal point in the year (or the end of the year) anything with the hanger still backwards hasn’t been worn, so you don’t need it. It slimmed down my wardrobe no end and in having less clothes, I felt like I had more because I wasn’t always having to fight my way in to find something!

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