What is Organic?! #organicseptember

I am SO excited about this month, I have just returned from a Neal’s Yard Remedies Roadshow, and this month is already filling up with lots of fun things for me to get up!

This month also marks the celebration of everything Organic, and I am definitely going to be a part of it!

Over the past few months I have been learning about how beneficial using organic products are, I used to be blissfully unaware of all the junk we put on our skin and in our body!

We have been subject (and still are, if we are not careful) to companies who don’t care what they do to increase profits, and now to creative ideas to ensure changes. I am happy to say that shopping is evolving. we are getting more and more options; farmers are going out of there way to produce organic products for us. Free from pesticides, chemicals and additives!

We now have options to choose more of the good stuff, and less of the bad. Previously organic and ethical products were pricey, but there seems to be a shift with that too. Even if there is a price difference it is well worth it! As the soil association put it so beautifully…

Whatever you’re buying – from cotton buds to carrots – when you choose organic, you choose products that promote a better world.


organic reasons

So, how do we know if it is organic?

Luckily it is so simple to see whether an item it organic, there are lots of logos around that are placed on items to show they are “organic”. However, should we trust them?! I know there is one logo I trust 100% – they have taken the EU standards and added to them to create a truly organic certification, and they are always reviewing!

Going organic is easier than you’d think. Food, health, beauty and textile products that hold the Soil Association organic symbol have been produced to the highest possible animal welfare and environmental standards. Look for the logo!


So this September, I challenge you – not to go Organic, because that is a big commitment – but to learn more about the products you use.

Real labels, look at logos and ask questions.

Here is a logo I found on my favourite beauty product, Wild Rose Beauty Balm!

Click to view

There is so much more information out there for us, and going Organic doesn’t just make a difference to your lives, but also to the world around us.

What will you do differently this month? #organicseptember

organic september


2 thoughts on “What is Organic?! #organicseptember

  1. Hi Hannah. When Luke was born I really got into looking at how things affects our minds and bodies. I weaned him onto organic baby food. I made batches of food for him and froze it for six weeks at a time which meant he always had healthy food at hand. It meant he had a healthy and varied and ate really well, he loves food and always likes to try new things. Never used a jar of baby food! 😃

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