5 activities to take Care of the Pennies – Finance blog

There is an old proverb that states “Take care of the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves” It is a great thing to remember when you have a to-do list that feels out of control, taking one step at a time to get things done, even if the things feel small and pointless. However, it is also a great thing to take literally too!

Over the past few weeks I have been looking at ways to save and earn extra pennies so the pounds start rolling in – I have used lots of different sites to gather information and have come up with 5 activities that will help.

  1. Look for Bargains – There is always a sale on somewhere, whether it is reduced food due to food being close to the best before date, or reduced clothing due to a new line coming out. I love a bargain – as soon as I enter a supermarket I head straight to the reduced aisle. I have even seen some people even standing waiting at the rebrocolli bakeduced aisle for produce to come out reduced in the evening – why? because the food is still edible! Food often has a longer shelf life than the packaging suggests and just because it is near that date doesn’t mean that it has gone bad. Recently I have been able to get some lovely bargains – broccoli for 4p, sweetheart cabbage for 15p. I was able to do SO much with the broccoli, including an amazing Broccoli Bake. Looking after the pennies this way significantly reduces the cost at the till.
  2. Sell unwanted items – I use eBay for this and have been able to bring in some extra pennies. It is so easy to do now with the app on my phone – I can take pictures of the item and upload it to sell within minutes. I usually do this on a Sunday evening when I have spent the weekend doing laundry, tidying and cleaning – while doing the chores I am taking note of what I use and don’t use. There is always something for me to sell – so far I have sold clothing items that I have never worn, left over wedding items, books and DVDs. I really enjoy making the packages look nice for the buyers too – there is nothing better than getting nice post! I address them in nice handwriting and charge them a little bit extra for postage – they often get a nice surprise when they get there item 🙂
  3. Enter Competitions – sometimes we don’t spend the money on the things that we really would enjoy – an iPad, a holiday or even luxury food. Melvin believes that there is something special about me, that I am blessed and have the capability to win with ease. The truth is there is no knack to entering competitions, you just have to pick the things that you want (don’t waste time and energy for a prize you don’t want) and get going with it. I enjoy entering competitions and will give some hints/tips in the weeks to come.
  4. Do Online Surveys – My mum and sister are always doing surveys. It requires a lot of patience! Sometimes I get bored of the questions but other times I am really interested. So far this month I have learnt £20 which I can claim in a voucher just for answering some questions. There are lots of websites out there for surveys so choose the ones you want. Check to see how they will pay you – sometimes it is money via paypal, other times it is vouchers. Choose what suits you best.
  5. Testing Products and reviewing – Testing and reviewing is new to me. Since starting my blogs it has re-ignited my passion for writing, I knew there was a way that you could make money out of blogging but I wasn’t too sure of how to do it. This month I have been attending courses and learning more – what did I find? Companies want bloggers to write and review for them, but some companies don’t just want bloggers! They want everyone! I have started to review products for supermarkets, small business and have even began to be a tester for websites – all of this gives me free products and money in my paypal!

Also we had a great harvest this year on our plum tree and the pears are looking good too! Don’t forget that your gardens might be wanting to help you save some money – and I have seen lots of blackberries on my walks with Gordon too!


So there you have it, my 5 tips for saving and earning the pennies – I didn’t want to fill this blog post with links to different websites but if you want anymore information then I will be happy to help.

Much love

Hannah xxxx



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