Becoming Mr & Mrs Ijih – Hothorpe Hall

2I have always been told that your Wedding Day is the happiest day of your life if everything goes well, how true that would be was still to be discovered in April 2016.

The planning was thorough; Melvin and I did not want a ‘normal’ wedding. We wanted something that suited us – a humble Nigerian Man marrying an eccentric English Woman with one common goal – to be a blessing to others.

Finding a venue was easy – as soon as we visited Hothorpe Hall we knew it was the place. The countryside surrounding it was breath taking and would soothe our guests souls. The ethos of the business even reflected how we want our marriage to be and the place was exclusively ours so we had freedom to be bespoke.

What did bespoke look like to us? It looked like us giving our guest what we wanted, not what traditionally happens at a wedding, and Hothorpe Hall was instrumental in sorting that for us.

Each and every aspect of the venue – the rooms, the food and the staff (especially) were exceptional. We hardly decorated the rooms because they were to such a high standard. Our fantastic photographers captured it beautifully. Many thanks to Uncle David and Alice Cunliffe ( for being absolutely fantastic on the day – the photographs are sensational and I thoroughly enjoy being transported back to the day when I look at them!

We were inviting 130 people to our wedding, we wanted everyone to be included! Having such a big occasion meant that we were very keen to have families at our wedding. Hothorpe Hall’s Ark Room was perfect for entertaining the children, it is equipped with toys and changing facilities – the children also were able to use the facilities outdoors.

We had our blessing Ceremony in the Chapel; there was no way we were not going to be using that beautiful room for our guests – the room is breath-taking and our guests loved it. The sun was shining through and apparently it was quite hot for the guests but who would have expected not to need the heaters on in the beginning of April!

All day the staff went out of their way to make things happen, and I’m sure they had never had a wedding as different as ours! Isn’t that what Weddings are about? Celebrating the start of your marriage and each marriage is unique!

Alan Hodge was supplied by Hothorpe Hall to be our Master of Ceremonies – I had never heard of one before and I will recommend every Bride and Groom to have one. He was so professional and also so very kind with our guests.



So thank you Hothorpe Hall for making our Wedding Day the happiest day of our lives and for helping us start our marriage the way we dreamt.


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