Appreciation vs depreciation

The past few weeks have been extremely busy for me – Mother’s 60th birthday, a surprise party, Mothers’ day, my hen do and finally my birthday! 🙂 All of this I had to endure alongside migraines! Why did I have to endure? Because of appreciation!

During the course of our lIves we celebrate many different events, at the heart of all our celebrations is the appreciation of life. “I am so glad you were born” is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me – to feel appreciated is what we all strive for.

My brother has been teasing my Mother, who amidst the surprise party got extremely overwhelmed with the amount of appreciation others felt for the many things she has done in their lives. Lots of people turned up to surprise her, to say “We are glad you were born.” She was so overwhelmed that she struggled to welcome people in her usual style – no one was offended except herself! She is continually throwing back the appreciation to all those who turned up, for those who organised it and for the many gifts she received! She has thanked us many times, and continues to do so. Appreciation breeds appreciation!

Often we look for appreciation and it doesn’t happen, sometimes we don’t appreciate ourselves, and we have to deal with feelings of disappointment. There is nothing worse for our self esteeme than depreciation. I recently heard a phrase which struck a cord with me “Fall forward” – instead of depreciating in failure we can fall forward and make sure we don’t retract or retreat!MTU0NzEzNDM2NzYyMjczMDI3MDc2ODgxNzM1MzEyNTg4ODMzNjQ=

I have many people to thank for the wonderful memories that have been created over the past weeks. To those who cared for me when I had my migraine attacks (Melvin, Jo and Mother). To those who helped us spoil our Mother. For those who continue to help with the wedding preparations (Amy, Topple & Bridesmaids). For those who took time out to mare memories with me in Cambridge (Catherine, Lee-Anne, Tasha & Becca) and for all of those people who wished me a happy birthday – you have all made me feel appreciated and I appreciate you!

So this week I challenge you to thank the people around you who make you feel appreciated – because appreciation breeds appreciation!



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