Is it Ethical?

I didn’t study Ethics at school but boy am I interested in it now! I remember when we were younger there was a debate about whether it was cool to wear a Gap jumper because of their ethics, and then obviously more recently we find that nearly all of the cheap clothing stores are cheap because they import from countries where labour is cheap.

OEGuZZ7nI am always feeling guilty if I buy something from a company that has what I feel is, an unethical approach to business. I know that there are charities and companies fighting for change but surely, as a consumer, there is more I can do.

I was lucky enough to visit one of those call centres when I was in India and i remember comparing the wages to those of our wages. The workers hold a very good job if they work in a call centre in India, they are able to support their families and live a very comfortable life, but they are earning much lower than our minimum wage. It makes sense for companies to use countries where the wage is much lower, isn’t helping those workers who are employed with them?

So what can I do? With all my wedding planning I am purchasing lots of different items and gifts, I am unsure whether the people I am buying for have good ethics or not! Even some of our home-grown companies don’t treat their workers right!

Finding companies that I won’t feel guilty about using feels like a daunting task! I do however want my hard earned cash to be doing some good in the world not promoting or encouraging unethical products and workplaces. A woman in my town decided to only use products and services for her wedding from our small town – good on her, I love the idea of shopping locally! It is worth paying the extra if it means you are supporting a good business!

So to question ‘Is it Ethical?’ is opening up a can of looseworms but it is however important to me so I shall ask when I view the products that I buy and when I find a company who promotes good ethics then I shall stick to them like glue 🙂




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