Keep Calm, Focus and Prep!

MTc2NzMxNjM4MTIzMTU0MTk0MjI1NzA5NzY0MTI4MjI2OTU4NDI=WEDDING PREP ARGH!!!! The clock is ticking, each day is a day closer and there are LOTS of things still to do!

It is so very easy to focus on the things I haven’t done – the pile of invitations still to go out, the Bridesmaids’ lack of dresses, and the Men have a shortage of suits!

Both Melvin & I have unfulfilled tasks to do to ensure that we have what we want at the wedding. We dedicate so many hours looking for a breakthrough in our circumstances but it feels like each minute of those hours is battling away feelings of worry!

“So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matt6v34

Don’t worry? DON’T WORRY? How will anything get done if I don’t focus on the tasks ahead and how can I focus on the tasks without worrying?!

Keep Calm

“Calm down” is a well used phrase in our household, especially by me. If I feel like winding someone up, or I feel I am being wound up using this phrase defuses the situation. However the truth is learning to calm down and keep calm is a hard struggle for me especially when I have a huge task of planning a wedding and very little patience to wait for a breakthrough. But what does worry do? I know it doesn’t help, it doesn’t add anything positive to the situation I am in. In fact it increases my anxiety and makes me feel overwhelmed – making me unable to do my next step, Focus.

I am progressing in my quest to learn to calm down and keep calm. Each day is a step closer to being more relaxed and less uptight enabling me to think clearly. I have recently been given a great CD from the Wellbeing Team at my Doctor’s surgery. They encourage me to relax, guilt free. In my strive to care for others I need to look after myself. Keeping myself in check and keeping myself calm enables me to focus on the tasks ahead with a healthy mind.


So after my CD session I am calmer, relaxed and not worrying for brief moments. In these moments it is time for me to refocus and look at the tasks with my healthier, calmer mind. When there are a mountain of problems and tasks ahead of us, it is so easy to lose sight of focus. Now is that time to check;

  1. What is most important?
  2. What can I do now?
  3. What can be done later?

To me the most important thing is that the guests know that I care for them! I want them to feel special and excited about the wedding, and I want them to know where it is and what time to arrive, so I need to get those invitations out now, everything else can wait until later.

Wow, see how easy that was, just a little focus made me motivated enough to stop looking at the mountain and see the one task that is driven by my most important desire – to care for them.


Being realistic with my calmer more focused mind means that I have to rethink the strategy that got me in the mess of having a pile of invitations left at my house. The strategy was to get around to everyone’s houses to save on postage. However the end result was I added another task to my list and became overwhelmed! I know I may not see everyone I need to in the next few days to be able to give them their invitations (invites Grandma hehe). So sticking a stamp on them, or asking other people to give them out for me is the next step forward.

So thank you Mum and other members of the family, for the help with making the unique, handmade and handwritten invitations, and for distributing them for me! And thank you to Melvin for writing special messages to the guests who I haven’t met yet 🙂

43 days to go…. YAY!!!




One thought on “Keep Calm, Focus and Prep!

  1. Omg I feel like this. There just always seems something else to do. The girls who say to early to start planning. I want to shout at them & say no. I’ve been doing this for 2 years & my list is still as tall as the building I live in & that has 24 floors.

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