Living with Your Parents – Gratitude

It’s a big year for my Parents this year and we are grateful to have them still around. This year my Mother turns 60 and my Father turns 70. Nobody thinks of them as old or passed it but still, my future husband and I have decided to stay at home and live with them. At 28 years old, newly married this wasn’t a hard choice for me. I have always loved the idea of looking after people – why? because I care for them….

They don’t need us to take out the bins or clean the bathrooms but they are grateful when we do. They don’t need us to do projects in the house or de-clutter any room but they join in and enjoy the results with us. We find a balance of respecting their space as “theirs” but find little ways to make things easier and better for them.

We can often look at the failures we think our parents have done, or remember the times they “didn’t” do something. But one thing we should remember is that they may not always be here to thank.



                 the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.



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